Why You Should Send Your Children to Tutoring

“What did you get up to on the weekend?” is usually the first question I hear when walking into the office on a Monday morning. Many of my work colleagues are bemused that every weekend I take my two sons to tutoring.

Now, extra weekend tutoring is rapidly become a commonplace activity in many schools. Starting from as young as year 1 and going up to year 12 and even into university, many of my friends take their kids to get extra tuition on the weekend to give them extra opportunities for learning.

I love tutoring for my kids. It gets them ahead in school and that is a real result. Many people think I am pushing my kids to study too much by sending them to classes on a weekend where they get even more homework to do. But let me explain why I love it.

I believe there is nothing wrong with working hard. By teaching my kids early that if they want to get ahead they need to put in extra work I believe I am setting them up for a lifetime of growing themselves and improving their education. They work hard and then see the results of their work in class! This is an important life lesson and tutoring helps teach them that.

They learn how to make time for the important tasks that must be done (their homework!) while getting ahead in school and getting more opportunities to do good things.

Not only that, if you find a good tutor, they can teach your children important lessons about life as well. Tutoring doesn’t have to be boring. My kids come home from their weekend college every weekend with a smile on their faces.

It must be said though that it is vitally important to find the right tutor. How do you find the right tutor or tutors to teach your kids? Well, if you have friends who have tutors for their children you can also take them to the same college if they are good. I live in Sydney and when I first started looking, I had to look for a tutor in Campsie. I found a primary school academy and my kids loved it. They learn something new every week and come home happy from learning. Don’t forget to listen to your kids as well!

Use the following tips to look for an effective tutor for your kids!

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